A welcome from Beth

Welcome to Saving with Sisters, my name is Beth Hawney and I have been couponing for seven years now. Jessica (my sister-in-law) and I have always loved working together and comparing notes on our frugal finds. I have also recently started making a lot of my own products at home in order to save money and can’t wait to share coupon deals and recipes with our readers.  I find that couponing and frugal living become a lifestyle and the more you do it the more you find every area in your life can be affected.  I am so excited to have our site up and running so I can share my passion for saving money with all of you.

I hope this site is a great resource for people hoping to be able to cut their budget down and live frugally. Being a stay at home mom I find that living on one income can be very tough at times and so I want to be able to share my strategies for saving money and making our dollars stretch as far as they can.  Stay posted for frugal recipes, tips for homeschooling on a budget, coupon deals, and other fun ideas.

– Beth


3 thoughts on “A welcome from Beth

  1. Congratulations!! And on behalf of everyone who will benefit from your experience and enthusiasm, I say, “Thank You”.
    Now . . . let the savings begin!!

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