A welcome from Jessica

Welcome everyone! My name is Jessica Hawney, co-founder of Saving With Sisters.  We, my sister-in-law and I, are so glad that you have found our site and just wanted to share a bit of why we have started this blog.  Our goal is that you come away from our site feeling encouraged and ready to take on everyday money-saving challenges. We do not claim to be experts, nor do we have all of the answers.  We are just two stay-at-home moms, in single income families, trying to make ends meet.  We are offering bits and pieces of our journeys and hope that you can take away something from them.

On our site you are going to find tips on homemade items, craft projects, home school ideas, couponing strategies, DIY projects, recipes, Christian devotions, inexpensive vacations, and much more.  We hope to give you a wide selection of creative ways to save money and pinch pennies so that you and your families can live without heavy financial burdens. 

So let this be your starting point to get out there and save!

– Jessica


2 thoughts on “A welcome from Jessica

  1. Congratulations!! And on behalf of everyone who will benefit from your experience and enthusiasm, I say, “Thank You”.
    Now . . . let the savings begin!!

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