Getting Started with Couponing

Gather your supplies and assemble your system (every couponer needs a system in place). I use the binder method but there are others too if this doesn’t work for you.

Start collecting papers and coupons. When I started couponing it took me about a month of coupon clipping before I started to see a significant decrease in my monthly grocery budget. Clipping and organizing your system is the first step.

Follow blogs. There are several great blogs in the area that give coupon matchups and deals. You collect the coupons and they do the legwork for you.

Pick a store. I recommend picking one or two stores to start, learn their coupon policies and how to shop there first so you don’t get overwhelmed. I personally love Fred Meyer (they are coupon friendly, easy to work with and have a great coupon policy which is available online). Another good store to start with would be Albertsons (they are the only store in our area that doubles coupons and they have recently revised their coupon policy to be much more coupon friendly).


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