Special Store Policies to Know About

Albertsons: Twice the Value (TTV) coupons come in the Sunday paper. There is one insert per paper with three coupons on it. You can use up to three TTV per transaction to double any coupon you have up to 1.00.

Albertsons has recently updated their coupon policy to allow customers to receive overage on their coupons toward other purchases in the transaction (they do not allow cash back). Buy one get one coupons can now be used with a buy one get one promotion to get both items for free.

Walmart: Overage on all coupons can be used toward other items in transaction or cash will be paid back to the customer. Walmart makes price matching easy by price matching any competitor at checkout.

Target: Offers web coupons and mobile coupons that can be stacked with manufacturers coupons to get great deals. Target does do price matching but it needs to be done at the customer service desk and there are stores and things they will not price match.

Fred Meyer: Accepts any competitors catalina coupons.  


2 thoughts on “Special Store Policies to Know About

  1. Thanks for creating this wonderful website. I think using coupons is a great way to save. As I have never really made use of coupons, I would love to start this habbit. By the way, how do I get Targets or Walmart coupons?
    Thank so much!

    • Charlotte,
      Thanks for your wonderful comments! Target has a link on their website for their in-store coupons. Go to Target.com, and under their See More tab, under ways to save, you’ll see their coupons link. Here’s a direct link for you as well. 🙂 For Walmart, they have a tab when you scroll down on the right on their homepage that says New! Printable Coupons. Here is their link as well.
      Unless these coupons state specifically on them when they print that they are for Walmart and Target, then you can also use them at any store as well.
      Hope this helps!

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