The Drugstore Game part 2: Rite Aid

Rite aid is my drugstore of choice because they are friendly, have great stock of sale items and an easy to use reward system. You can find their ads in the local Sunday papers or at the front of the store.

Rite aid has several ways to save money. One of the main rewards are called up+ rewards. You need a loyalty card to get them. When you make a purchase that is advertised for an up+ reward you get a coupon on your receipt that is good for any merchandise in the store (with some exclusions).

Ex. If I buy Crest toothpaste for $2.99 and have a $1.00 off 1 coupon I pay $1.99 but there is a promotion for a $2.99 up+ reward so I get $2.99 back on my receipt to use for a future purchase. I just made $1.00 more than I spent!

The second reward system called Single Check Rebates (SCR) where items you purchase that are part of the SCR promotion have a rebate that comes back to you from Rite aid. SCR is very simple, you take your receipt home, enter a few things into your account and at the end of the month request your check. Only one SCR check can be requested per month so wait until the end of the month to request it to make sure you won’t lose out on other SCR’s later in the month.

Ex. If I buy 2 Halls cough drops for $1.50 each and have a $1.00 off 2 coupon and there is a promotion for a 2.00 SCR wyb 2 Halls cough drops. You will pay $2.oo OOP and recieve a SCR check back in the mail for $2.00 making the cough drops free.   

Adperk is a program on Rite aid’s website that provides store coupons. Once you log on you are able to watch short video ads for products. Every ad you watch has a Rite aid store coupon that is then saved under your coupons and can be printed and stacked with manufacturers coupons in the store. At the end of each month new adperk videos are loaded and the previous months are removed from the site so you want to make sure to watch the videos that you may need coupons for before the end of the month. Coupons are saved under your profile for 2 months to use before they expire and can be printed anytime.

Ex. If there is a sale on reach toothbrushes for $2.99, you have a coupon for $1.00 off 1 and an adperk coupon for $1.00 off 1 you can use both coupons making your total OOP cost $.99.   

A wellness discount is also given as a reward for reaching a certain amount of points. One point is earned for each dollar spent at Rite aid  and 25 points for each perscription filled at a Rite aid pharmacy. Once your points reach 250 a 10% discount is applied to all regular priced items in the store (including regular priced items that have a SCR or Up+ reward). If you reach 500 points there is a 20% discount. This discount is good for 1 year after reaching the needed points.

By mixing and combing coupons, Rite aid discounts, Up+ rewards and SCR the savings can be awesome.


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