Couponing Etiquette Series: Scenario #3 A deal not coming up how the ad says it should

Scenario #3:

A deal not coming up how the ad says it should.

Let’s take our same scenario with Janet, but instead it is the store deal that is not coming up properly.

Janet was doing her normal, weekly couponing at her local drugstore.  This particular week there was a great sale on contact cleaner that would give her a $7 register reward.  She didn’t have a coupon in her binder, so she scrounged the internet and found one for $2.00 off the item on a reputable website. She was so excited to try this deal as it would, not only be a money maker for her this week, but it would help her purchase her next transaction at no out-of-pocket cost to her!  She approached the register with her items and coupons only to discover that after the transaction, the register didn’t print her reward for the contact cleaner.  She needed this deal to make the rest of her transactions work so she showed the cashier the advertised deal.  The cashier said that she didn’t know why the rewards didn’t print and suggested that maybe Janet didn’t get the right item. Frustrated Janet told the cashier that she wasn’t planning on coming back to the store and headed to the door, leaving her items behind.


  •  Again the best advice is to stay calm, and don’t lose your cool.  Politely request that the cashier call a manager and explain the situation to them.  I have had this happen many times at different stores (ie: Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS) and every time the manager either printed a reward for me or they gave me cash in the amount that I was due.
  • If it is a store advertised deal and you are within the limits of the sale then they can’t refuse to offer it to you.  If they do then this would be a scenario to bring up with corporate and they will have the store reimburse you. Sometimes just politely mentioning that you are planning to call/email a store’s corporate office will let them know that you are serious about receiving the money that is due to you.
  • Double check the size and type of the item carefully.  Read all of the fine print surrounding the ad.  Does it have limits.

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