The Drugstore Game part 3: CVS


For starters make sure that you sign-up for CVS Extracare card either on their website or in their store.  The card is free and it qualifies you for many benefits, such as, discounted pricing and extrabucks (similar to Up+ Rewards at Rite Aid). You can also scan your Extracare card at the Magic Coupon Machines in the store and receive additional coupons that are new each week.

Extrabucks are advertised promotions in the CVS weekly ads that you can receive in your local Sunday paper or in your weekly “junk” mail delivery.  As before stated, they are similar to Up+ Rewards at Rite Aid (see above example). Your extrabucks do have limits that are stated specifically in the ad, so keep a close watch for those.  They are attached to your extracare card so no matter how many CVS stores you go to it will only give you the limit stated in the weekly ad.

CVS also frequently advertises extrabuck promos, like when you spend 30.00 on Aveeno products you receive a 10.00 extrabuck.  One of the best parts about this deal is that the 30.00 is the price before coupons, so you can add in manufacturer coupons as well as previous extrabucks and you will still receive your 10.00 extrabuck, as long as you spent 30.00 before coupons. Another great thing is that your extracare card will tally the totals for you throughout the week, so it doesn’t have to be all in the same transaction.  So if you buy 10.00 worth of Aveeno lotion on Tuesday and 20.00 worth of Aveeno body wash on Saturday, then it will total those 2 days and on Saturday it will print your 10.00 extrabucks.

Make sure to be aware of the expiration dates on your extrabucks.  I usually cut them and put them into my coupon binder with my card so that I remember to use them before I lose them.  It’s like wasting money, and here at Saving With Sisters, we are trying to find ways to save and not waste.  Remember, too, that unlike Rite Aid, if you redeem an extrabuck for 1.00 on an order that is .50, instead of it rejecting your extrabuck, it rounds it down, so you will lose the extra .50.

Once you get the hang of each store it’s pretty easy to remember the rules. So have fun playing the Drugstore Game! 🙂


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