Couponing Etiquette Series: Scenario #5 Lines

Scenario #5: Lines

Sarah was just ending a long day at the office and decided to make a quick stop at the grocery store for a few dinner items.  She entered the store and realized that many others had the same idea.  The lines were enormous.  She thought that maybe if she took her time shopping, the lines would go down by the time she reached the front.  No such luck!  As she stood in a 10 person deep express line, she tried tuning out the endless noises and register beeps, getting more irritated by the minute.  She was still several people back and noticed that instead of more cashiers coming to help, some were letting customers know they were going on break.  This isn’t worth the hassle, thought Sarah, leaving her basket, and her sanity, behind and heading for home.

Oh the dreaded line!  This is one of those generally unavoidable things in life.  Lines can be anywhere … checkout counters, movies, the DMV, etc.  The worst line is the one for the restroom when your 3 year old has to go. 🙂  Nobody enjoys waiting in them, but I do have a few tricks to help with them.


  • Avoid shopping during peak hours.  Usually around the time that people get off work (4-6pm), lunchtimes (12pm), Saturdays (afternoon-evening), Sundays (around when churches let out).  Those times are the busiest for most stores, so if it’s a line you’re avoiding, you may want to steer clear. (This is where stockpiling comes in handy, so you can shop when it’s convenient for you and not because you ran out of something.)
  • I always try to avoid getting behind customers whose carts are filled to the brim, or customers who have more complicated transactions (ie: sometimes couponers).  If I am the person who is causing the hold up in the line then I try to politely direct customers to another register, letting them know that I’m going to be a while.  No one likes being rushed through a transaction, especially when there are valuable pennies to be pinched. 🙂
  • Bring a lot of patience with you!! I always try to allow others who have one or two items to go in front of me because chances are it is only going to hold me up a minute while my transaction will take much longer.
  • No line jumping!!! If there is a cashier who opens up and asks for the next customer in line, then politely ask those in front of you if they would like to go there first, as they are ahead of you.  I think this is a basic principle that we all learned in elementary school. No cutting. 🙂
  • If you go shopping on Black Friday (or is it Thursday now?) or any day when you know that there are going to be lines for sure, don’t complain.  Try to enjoy yourself and make friends with the people around you.  I became such good buddies with the people I was waiting in line with at Walmart that we were letting one another shop the store and getting McDonalds.  Your attitude can make a difference.

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