Couponing Etiquette: Scenario #6 Buying Multiple Items

Scenario #6:

Buying multiple items

Jacky was going through her weekly newspaper inserts and discovered that toilet paper was an amazing deal at her local drugstore.  Her family was low and it was time to stock up.  She gathered all of her coupons and headed to the store, prepared to save money.  She went straight to the aisle for the toilet paper and proceeded to clear the shelf of all of it.  In the end she went home with 10 packages of toilet paper and some angry glares from other shoppers who wanted to participate in the sale as well.

Now I’m all for stocking up on things when they are a good deal, but there is a difference between getting what you need and getting way more than you need at the expense of others. 


  • Remember that when you see a good deal, there are other people who would like to participate in it as well.  You don’t need to purchase more toothpaste than you can use in an entire year and clear the shelf so others can’t get what they need.  It is the reason many stores have set limits on how much of a sale product you can buy.
  • I know that you are saying, well what if I want to give all of that toothpaste that I got for free to charity.  If this is the case, a lot of stores will do a special order of that item so that you can bless others. 
  • If there are 5 or less of an item on a shelf then I would usually only get one of that item, so that other couponers can get what they need.  If there are 10 or more and it’s the beginning of the week so I know that there is a chance that more will be coming in, I might purchase 2 or 3, but it really depends on what it is.  If it’s cold medicine and I know that at home I have a pretty decent stockpile of it, then I might even wait until the next sale to pick up some. 
  • Remember that things do have an expiration date and you don’t want to buy more than your family will use by that date.  There will always be another sale.  Probably even before you need to stock up again. 🙂

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