Reasonable Stockpiling

Every couponer needs to stock pile to some extent. What your stock pile looks like depends entirely on your family and housing situation. Stock piling is possible for every family and the reason it is important is that you need enough of the items you regularly use to get through until the next sale. Some things like toothpaste seem to go on sale often while other items such as oatmeal only go on sale once or twice a year.

 A reasonable stock pile for most items consists of three to six months worth of products. If you are in a small space like an apartment you may have to get creative about storing your stockpile. I have seen people store toilet paper under beds, or fit what they can in the pantry because that is the only space that is available. You have to decide what a reasonable stockpile looks like for your family. For my family we have some shelves in the garage to hold my stockpile items, mostly because I have a pretty small kitchen. I only buy what we use, even if it is free if I won’t use it I don’t get it. It is never necessary to clear the shelves in the store, there will always be another deal and it is important to be courteous to other shoppers as well.

When beginning your stockpile evaluate your space and decide where you are able to store your stockpile. For things like toothpaste, razors and medications I have boxes that stack nicely under the bathroom vanity. Being organized helps to ensure nothing goes to waste, rotate your stockpile and know what you  have. I love that by having a stockpile I never have to buy items at retail price but can usually stock up at pennies on the dollar.


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