Homemade Cleaning Solution

Instead of chasing deals on cleaning solutions for my house, I found a fool-proof way to; not only keep my counters,etc. clean, but to keep my kids from ingesting poisonous cleaners.  Now, if you can’t stand the smell of vinegar than this might not be the right cleaner for you, but I don’t mind it, and it disinfects naturally.

What you need:

A spray bottle (clearly labeled with with what you have in it)

A container of white distilled vinegar


The ratio that I use for all of my cleaning is 1:1 (equal parts vinegar to equal parts water)  I have heard of people using a 1:2 or a 1:3 ratio to get less of a vinegar smell, but to get the clean I use equal parts.

This, glass cleaner, and toilet cleaner (the latter of which I use coupons on) are all I use to clean my house.  I will sometimes use bleach or baking soda to remove stubborn stains, but I prefer to use the vinegar cleaner.

Happy cleaning! 🙂


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