Toilet Paper Woes

We all use it, we all need it, and whenever there’s a sale, it seems, we aren’t the ones who get it.  What do we do then?

Where do you get toilet paper when you can’t find it on sale?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Do not pay full price for it!!! The most you should ever pay for toilet paper is $.25 per roll.  If it’s more than that, look elsewhere.
  • Double rolls count as twice the amount of normal toilet paper. For instance, I recently bought double rolls at Staples that were $.32 per roll, but if you count that it’s double the toilet paper, then it is technically $.16 per roll.
  • Costco sells their Kirkland brand toilet paper for about $.23 per roll depending on your area.
  • If I’m desperate, I get a 4 pack at the Dollar Tree for $.25 per roll.  It’s not the greatest quality, but it does the job until I can find a better deal.
  • Stock up when you can, but don’t stress out if you can’t find the coupons or the sales.

4 thoughts on “Toilet Paper Woes

  1. Good Points on the Toilet Paper. I also must say if you have a good coupon for toilet paper make sure you use it when you can. I remember back in 2010 I had $1.00 off any Majesta Toilet Paper. Here in Ontario Majesta is crazy expensive but the 4 pk was selling for $1.00 or less at The Bargain Shop. Needless to say I did many coupon trades and have what our friends call the Tower of Toilet Paper. In all honestly it gets chucked at the end of the day so spending the least amount here is a no brainer. Do the math like you suggested and find the best deal and use coupons if you can to keep your budget in check!

    • I completely agree! I am always seeing how I can use those coupons, even if they are just the $.25 ones, but the high value ones are even better. I like the Tower of Toilet Paper. 🙂 It shows that you are helping your family to save and that’s what we are all about.

  2. Awesome advice! Toilet paper seems to be the hardest thing for me to stock up on since I started couponing. When all else fails, I go to Sam’s Club and get it in bulk for a very cheap price (kind of like Costco) and then we don’t have to worry about running out for some time.
    Thanks for posting,

    • Chelsea, thanks for your comments! When I first began couponing I was in the same boat. It seemed like everyone was stocking up on toilet paper except for me. I’ve heard the same from so many people, so I thought I’d post on the different solutions that I had to our struggles. 🙂

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