I know that my family hears this word and cringes, so I can understand if yours does too.  Well in my segment about waste and how much food average Americans waste per year, I’m sure that a lot of that is attributed to leftovers being thrown away too.  Here’s a couple of solutions that might help your family, as it helps mine.


Make your leftover food into something new.  For instance, last night I made roasted potatoes along with our chicken.  We ate all of the chicken, but had some potatoes leftover.  Rather than use them again in our next dinner meal, I decided to make a big breakfast the next morning and re-purposed the potatoes as hash-browns.  I could have also mashed them and used them for dinner again as well.  You just need to get creative. 🙂

Portion sizes:

If your family is really against leftovers, then try to only make what you are going to eat for that meal.  Sometimes it’s hard to gauge but here is a good guide from WebMD’s website of the portions that we should be eating.  Something that I have been doing recently to save money, which is probably why my family isn’t too keen on leftovers, making a double batch, serving what I know we will eat and then rolling the meal over to the next night.  I pack up the leftovers right away, to properly store them and so that we don’t overeat.


If you have enough leftover for another meal, then you could freeze the leftovers and use them for another night.  Soups freeze well, as do many other things.  This way your family can’t complain that you are serving the same meal two nights in a row, but you still don’t have to cook on the night you decide to serve it.  Just thaw and reheat.


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