Beth’s Walgreen Trip 2/7

Even though I coupon all the time and save a ton of money I still make mistakes and have blunders that require some quick thinking. A couple weeks ago the blink eye drops had a RR for $8.00 on each which made them free. Since my husband just had lasik and is supposed to use blink eye drops for a while I went ahead and did 9 transactions with a total of $72.00 in RR that I had to spend in two weeks. Normally I would take those RR right over to Fred Meyer and use them there for my produce and dairy but when I tried the cashier informed me that some of the RR now have print at the bottom saying only redeemable at Walgreens. I don’t shop at Walgreens a lot because their registers always beep at me and I hate when life is not simple but here I was with $72.00 I had to spend at Walgreens. Jessica suggested I pick up some of the awesome rebate items that Walgreens had this week so let me share how my trip went.

Transaction 1

2 Dozen eggs @ $ .99 each

Renew Life Love Your Heart Vegetable Capsules $20.00

Ubiniquinol CoQ10 $10.00

Heartblu Healthy Heart Support $14.00

Renew Life Arctic Naturals Omega 3 $15.00

2 Soaftsoap Refill BOGO $3.99 each

Nice Honey $4.99

Morton Salt $ .59 w/in ad coupon

Herbal Essences Conditioner $2.99

Used 2 $ .40/1 Soaftsoap coupon

Used 8 $8.00 RR

Paid  $4.74 before tax for $148.07 worth of product.

Rebates: I will get a rebate check for the Renew life, Ubiniquinol, Heartblue, and Omega 3 for a total of $59.00 and I got a RR for $1.00 back for the herbal essences.

Transaction 2

Herbal Essences Conditioner $2.99

Paid $2.99 got back $1.00 RR

So after this trip I only have $10.00 in RR left to use which is much more manageable and the herbal essences RR do not have the only redeemable at Walgreens fine print at the bottom.


2 thoughts on “Beth’s Walgreen Trip 2/7

  1. I also stopped shopping at Walgreens for that reason…the same thing had happened to me at Fred Meyer when I brought in some catalina RR’s as well. I suppose it’s also a little bit of a distance to drive too (Lake Stevens), but good work making the most of the RR you had!! 🙂

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