Exploding Toilet

Now if you have children of the potty training age, then you will know that they have a fascination with the bathroom.  My daughter Chloe, being of this age a few years ago, spent a lot of time doing things like playing in the sink and flushing the toilet repeatedly.  Usually all of this was supervised so that we didn’t end up with a big mess.  However, on this particular day I was packing and cleaning for our move across town and making sure that lunch was on the table for the kids.  I noticed that it was very quiet in the house and went looking for Chloe and Bryce thinking that I was going to have to repack another box that they for sure had unpacked.  All of a sudden I heard from the end of the house a very panicked Chloe yelling, “Mommy, the toilet exploded!”  These are never words that you want to hear so I went running to the bathroom to find a very upset Chloe and a bathroom with about a quarter inch of water on the floor.  In my mind I am thinking, this is the last thing that I need, another mess to clean up and another thing to do right before we move!  I pulled Chloe out of the water-logged bathroom and asked, “What happened?” 

“I put the toilet paper in the toilet and flushed and the water just kept going and then it exploded!” exclaimed my daughter through tears thinking that she was in trouble.  The way she phrased it, and how sorry she was made the whole situation seem comical. So I told her that accidents happen and got her and her brother set up with lunch.

As I got to work mopping up the water with every towel that wasn’t already packed I started thinking of how very busy I had been the last couple of weeks and I hadn’t had a chance to slow down and spend quality time with my kids or with God.  My knees soaking wet and my hands in toilet water I realized that I just had what I like to call a “God interruption”.  Life can get so busy and so chaotic that I forget to take the time to do what is most important in my life and that’s when God uses something to stop me to get my attention and focus back on Him and my family.  I started praying and asked God to forgive me for my poor prioritization.  He brought the verse to my heart in Matthew 6:33 that I am to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to me as well.  If I put Him first in my life then He will help things to fall into place in His way and His time. 

I wish that it hadn’t taken a toilet “exploding” to make me learn this lesson, but God can use anything to get our attention and focus on Him and our priorities in life straight.  Where are your priorities at today?  How is God trying to get your attention back to Him?


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