Junk Mail

Don’t throw away that junk mail, it might not all be junk!

I know with all of the many things that you have to do in your day, the last thing that you want to do is go through your junk mail.  But you might be missing out on valuable coupons and savings if you don’t.

Especially the Val-Pak coupons have local deals that you might want to look into.  You could save on fencing, replacing windows, local restaurants, oil changes (I use these all the time).  I save these coupons in a special file and then I don’t just have junk mail piling up, but I know where to go when I need them. 

You could even have a special file box in your car for restaurant coupons, so that you have them on hand, instead of kicking yourself later because you knew that you had that coupon at home.

I have a small recycle bin by where I sort my mail so that I can go through it right away and it doesn’t pile up before I go through it. 


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