Beth’s Coupon Binder

What you need:

Binder (mine zips, has file folders in the front to keep store coupon policies and has a handle), Baseball Card Holders, Plastic Sleeves, Dividers, Scissors, Pen, Small File Folder, and Calculator (not shown) 

I use the small coupon file to put all the coupons for that days shopping trip in (that way they are all seperated and ready to go). I do take my binder in with me in case of an unexpected deal but this helps me to be more organized when getting ready to checkout.


I seperate my coupons into categories in baseball card holders with the expiration date facing out so I can easily see and remove expired coupons.

Here are the categories my binder is divided by:

Dairy, Canned, Snacks, Frozen, Breakfast, Noodles/Bread, Meat, Baking, Refrigerated, Drinks, Medicine/Vitamins/Bandages, Oral Care, Skin Care (Soap/Lotion/Make-up), Shaving, Cleaning Products, Laundry, Dishes, Paper Products, Random Coupons (Toys, Office Supplies, ect..), Kitchen Supplies (Ziplocks, Tupperwear, Garbage Bags, ect..), Pet Food, Store Specific and I have a plastic sleeve in the back that holds all the restaraunt, car maintenance and clothing store coupons.

When I started my binder I seperated it into grocery items in the front and non-grocery in the back but my category order just kind of developed over time and there is not neccesarily a reason why dairy is first, ect..

I hope you enjoyed a look at my organization system, I would love if anyone wants to share their system with us as well.


2 thoughts on “Beth’s Coupon Binder

  1. This is very similar to what my binder looks like. I am in love with the binder system! As long as I keep it up to date, I can score awesome deals on unadvertised deals or clearance deals!
    Thanks for sharing. It’s nice to see the ways other people go about the binder system.

    • I agree it is fun to see how other people organize! Keeping it up to date is definately the key, there have been a few times I have tried to use expired coupons because I got behind and thought they were still good. Thanks for following our site!!

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