Beth’s Pantry Organization Project

It’s embarrassing to show my before picture of my pantry and how out of hand it had gotten. I am really busy and just getting to the store and getting groceries put away can be challenging at times. Things started getting tossed in the pantry after a shopping trip and very quickly it became this mess you are looking at. The other contributing factor was that we moved last summer from a house with a very large kitchen to a house with a much smaller kitchen so we had nowhere to store a lot of my kitchen appliances and other things.

After reading a few blogs whose focus this winter had been to get organized I decided I should start moving too. The place that was annoying me the most was definitely the pantry. A while back I had seen someone use an over the door shoe hanger for spices and I loved that idea (plus my spice cabinet was not much better than my pantry) so I decided to try using that for some spices and things that would often fall on my head when digging around the pantry.

I have started purchasing a lot of my baking supplies in bulk so I bought some storage containers to help with organizing my bulk items.

The last major thing I did to help with the pantry mess was to move all my cookbooks from the pantry to a cabinet over the refrigerator (the cabinet is a bit hard to get at, that is why I hadn’t done this before). I realized that I hardly ever use my cookbooks but tend to get recipes from the computer instead so I don’t think this will be a problem.

Here are the after pictures:

I am so glad I took the time to do this project. I figure it will save me a lot of time and money in the end since now I actually know what is in my pantry and don’t have to deal with a cave in every time I need to get something out.  I hope this inspires others to tackle an organization project that has been looming.


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