Have you ever had one of those moments with your kids, where you walk into a room where they have been playing/getting into trouble and you immediately have to close the door to keep from losing your temper completely. I have had many of those with my kids and this situation is no exception.  My kids are both very curious and I had been working on a project in our upstairs bathroom that involved using texture.  The kids had been very good that morning while I was cleaning things up and I had them situated watching a movie on the couch.  I was upstairs for maybe 5 minutes and came down and they were nowhere to be found. I called for them, thinking that maybe they had gone to their rooms to play, but didn’t receive any answer.  I heard some scuffling noises coming from the direction of the garage and thought to myself, “No, they couldn’t have”.  You see, in the garage, I had been storing all of the supplies and “mess” from my project, which included a giant bucket of wall texture. 

I opened the door to find both children, naked and using the bucket of texture to paint their bodies, the walls and everything else I had stored in there.  After closing the door and giving myself a few minutes to calm down, I carried both kids up for an immediate bath.  I managed to get all of the texture off of them and then I opened the garage door again.  Seeing the degree of mess they had made in just 5 minutes made me mad all over again, so I opted to wait a few days and let the texture dry and then remove it.  (It’s easier to scrape when it’s dry, then to mop up when it’s wet.) 

I spent a total of 4 hours in the garage a few nights later, after the kids were asleep, cleaning.  As I was angrily scraping, sweeping, and scrubbing, my countenance began to soften.  I thought about how I can do this exact same thing with God in my life.  I sneak off on my own, make a huge mess of things and expect Him to clean up.  As I cleaned, I began to pray that God would help me to have patience with my children as He has patience with me.  When we ask God for patience, He doesn’t always just give us patience, He usually gives us the opportunity to be patient.

I realized that I need to keep asking God for these opportunities and lessons, as difficult or challenging as they might be because they build character in me that is irreplaceable. What opportunity is God giving you today and how are you going to use it?


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