Jessica’s Toy Storage Solution

While I love the kids storage bins that they have at the store, they can be quite expensive.  To save money I decided that, when we redecorated my son’s room, I would make my own.

I turned his old 6′ book shelf on it’s side and drilled screws into it at even levels to hold the bins so they can slide out(I am actually going to change these to drawer sliders).  I bought plastic bins from the Dollar Tree and I printed signs for each bin; stating what it is, with a picture of what belongs there, since my son can’t read yet.  This way he knows where all of his toys belong and it doesn’t take 2 hours to clean his room.  The toys don’t get as mixed up and the room doesn’t get as cluttered.


3 thoughts on “Jessica’s Toy Storage Solution

  1. Great idea! This is how they organize the toys at the day care at our church. I also love the fact that you’re teaching your child how to clean up, rather than doing it for him. Thanks for sharing! ~ Liz

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