Saving at the Pump

With the ever rising cost of gas prices, we need to get creative on how to save money on gas.  I couldn’t believe it when I went to get gas the other day and the lowest price I could find was $4.29.  My heart almost stopped.  Being a thrifty shopper, I knew that there must be something that I could do.  And yes, there is!  Here are some tips on how to save at the pump.

Carpool: If you and a friend are going to the same place, or if you and a coworker live near one another; it makes sense to carpool.  Extra bonus, you get to use the carpool lane.

Minimize your outings: Try to avoid going to town for just one thing.  If you are out, it makes more sense to do all of your shopping at once. 

Slow Down: For every 5 mph you reduce highway speed you can reduce fuel consumption by 7% (plus it reduces your risk of accidents 🙂 )

Lay off the Brakes: By watching the traffic ahead of you and anticipating when to stop, you can brake more gradually and start more smoothly. This will, not only, reduce your fuel consumption, but your brake pads will need to be replaced less often.

Take out the excess: Having excess weight in your vehicle can cause you to use more fuel, so lose the junk in the trunk.

Maintain your vehicle: Making sure that your tires are filled properly, your oil is changed every 3000 miles and your alignment is straight can really help you be more fuel efficient. 

Get a locking gas cap: The rise in gas prices can, unfortunately, bring out the worst in some people.  There has also been a rise in gas theft.  People siphoning vehicles for their gas is a very common thing in our society and having a locking gas cap can prevent that.

Buy a more fuel efficient vehicle:  Now, I’m not saying go and get a new car today.  But, the next time you are considering a new vehicle, check with the buyer on the gas mileage. 

Consider other modes of transportation: If the option is available to you, take the bus, ride a bike, or walk.


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