Jessica’s 5am Flu-Induced Walgreens Trip

Okay, now, I know that I have been bragging about my stock-pile of cold and flu medicines that I have on hand … well they are now packed in a box at our new home.  I didn’t plan for myself to get sick in the middle of packing and moving, so I didn’t leave any cold or flu meds out.  So this morning after only about an hours sleep, and after using what I had on hand of my cough drops, I finally decided to go to our 24 hour Walgreens.

I was not in such a hurry or comatose state that I did remember to bring along my coupon binder.  Low and behold, there was a coupon for Buy 1 Vicks product and get Puffs tissue for Free.  In addition to that the Vicks Nature Fusion Cold and Flu, which I now highly recommend, was on sale for $6.00, plus get a $2.00 RR.  So for a little over $6.00 I got my cold/flu medicine, tissue, and some ginger ale to wash it down with and sooth my tummy.  Not too bad for a trip in the wee hours of the morning, on almost no sleep!

A side note to this story, is that while I was driving to the store I thought the car was going to blow up because I kept hearing a ticking noise like there was a bomb.  Turns out, it was just the Scattergories timer from one of the boxes headed to the new house.  I made sure to warn my husband before he left for work.  I think it gave him a good chuckle.


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