Getting the “Best” Price

I am always keeping my eyes out for good deals while I’m shopping, but I need to remember to make sure that I’m getting the best price I can on the items I always buy. 

I was at Safeway buying yogurt the other day and I went to the normal section where the singles of yogurt were marked to 10 for $6.  My kids love yogurt and this was the best deal at the time so I filled up my cart with the 10 and then looked down and realized that the packages of 6 were $2.99 each.  That meant that by buying 2 packs of 6 I would be getting 12 for $6.  I couldn’t believe that I almost left without noticing that deal. 

Remember that sometimes the store won’t always put the best deal right out front, so make sure to scan the shelves for other pricing on the same items. 

Just thought I’d share a little shopping experience that helped save me some money and will hopefully help you in the future as well!


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