Personal Goals

I read and she is always very encouraging about setting personal goals. The last month or so I have really been contemplating what I want to accomplish and how I want to get there. I have decided I want to be healthier, I am a busy homeschool Mom and while I don’t pig out on junk food I was definately living on coffee and not eating as healthy as I could.

As of Monday, I have been caffeine free!! This was a very hard thing for me since I was addicted enough to my coffee that I have had a constant caffeine headache since Monday. I realized that with all the sugared up coffee I had been drinking that I definately couldn’t cut my sugar intake and get healthier without first dropping the coffee habit.

I have also started the habit of working out on Mon, Wed and Fri mornings. I think that this will really help me feel less tired and more energetic.

The last thing I am really working hard at is loading up on fruits and veggies and not snacking on less healthy options. So far I have been doing great on all my goals and hope to continue healthy eating and excersise.

Next month my plan is to significantly cut my sugar intake, but like I said I could only break one bad habit at a time.


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