Tribute to Titanic: 100 Years

This poem is dedicated to all on board Titanic when tragedy struck.  100 years have passed and you are still in our memory!

Like the tower of Babel, Titanic set out to be,

The biggest and most elegant, unsinkable was she.

Headlines were united, Titanic was the best.

“Not even God could sink this ship”, some were fool to jest.

The wealthy and the working class,

People everywhere amassed.

To see the beauty take her first flight,

Waving till she was out of sight.

Everything new and every thing grand,

From the china to the talented band.

The deck space was the widest yet,

Considering the lifeboat quota had not been met.

Bursting forth at breakneck speed,

The iceberg warnings they did not heed.

“I can smell ice”, one crew member said,

Not realizing what was up ahead.

Up out of the water, there did rise

An iceberg of enormous size.

Trying to avoid a headlong blow,

The ship’s engines began to slow.

Popping rivets in the side,

A gaping hole was opened wide.

The water-tight bulkheads would not hold,

Mr. Andrews eventually told.

The captain understood his dreams were burst,

And told the crew, “Women and children first.”

The lifeboats were launched without their fill.

Chaos ensued, but the water was still.

As the ship tilted up, the band played on,

Understanding this would be their last song.

Passengers from the lifeboats watched in fear,

As Titanic’s fate was drawing near.

Flares were shot into the air.

Neighboring ships were unaware.

The unlikeliest ship to sink would be,

Soon at the bottom of the sea.

The icy ocean captured so many lives,

As people struggled to survive.

Carpathia was the only ship who came,

To rescue those that the sea didn’t claim.

Headline the following morning read,

Titanic sunk, over 1500 dead.

100 years have passed since that fateful night,

And Titanic is still remembered for her plight.

What we can learn from this tragic story,

Is to respect the sea and God in all their glory.


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