Updated: Jessica’s Weekly Goals

Here are the updates on last week’s list.  I was happy that with all of the unexpected things that happen during the week, I was still able to get a significant amount of things done, or at least worked on.

For the home:

Chloe’s Room

  • Hang Pictures
  • Make and hang curtain for closet
  • Sort through clothes

Bryce’s Room

  • Hang curtain
  • Hang pictures
  • Fix lamp (getting new lamp at Ikea today, the old one ended up falling over and permanently breaking)



  • Purchase wall hook for towels
  • Hang pictures
  • Sort Chloe’s hair supplies

Living Room

  • Make curtains for window (this will be Tuesday’s project)
  • Hang pictures

Guest Room

  • Hang pictures and knick-knacks (Didn’t get the guest room done, but instead tackled the Master Bedroom projects and completed those)
  • Find dresser
  • Fix outlet

My husband and a youth from our church will hopefully accomplish most of this over the next few days:


  • Set up patio set
  • Organize patio
  • Weed and set up garden area
  • Water (rain took care of this one)
  • P/u dog waste
  • Set up sandbox and purchase more sand
  • Take down lines

Front Yard

  • Plant more grass seed
  • Water
  • Weed

1 load of laundry per day


Chore list for myself (working on)

Meal plan (done for this month, but continuing on to next month)

Dog bath and nails (today)

Weekly shopping trip

Catch up on coupon binder (good week to do it since there weren’t any coupons this week)

Go over monthly budget plan to ensure we are on track

Begin reading Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey



Scripture Memorization (decided to memorize James 4:7-10)

BSF & Homiletics Homework

Letter to Lot Grandma

Letter to Michelle & Tom

Letter to support family

Mission Trip fundraising/planning

Appointment for Maxillofacial Surgery


Stretch & exercise each morning (the exercising did not happen, but I did stretch and that helped)

Notes to friends

Continue marriage video study with Jake



Begin box system with both kids (we’re starting that this week)


Articles for week



Planning Committee for Grad Night

Order book for student

Bring book to youth group for student

Go over weekly bible study

Plan Sunday School lesson


Finish and make blessing books for girls (almost done)

Check in on girls

Make appointment with parent


Okay so I’ve added to this list:

Getting the house ready for in-laws and youth hang-out night

Working on VBS items


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