Mom’s Potato Salad Recipe

Okay I got permission to post this one from my Mom, because I think she makes the best potato salad in the world.


8-10 Potatoes (either russet, yukon gold, or red)

1/2 cup mayo (or equivalent if you use something else)

2 1/2 TBS yellow mustard

2 TBS white vinegar

2 Hardboiled eggs, cut up

Sweet Pickles or relish (how much depends on your taste, I usually do about 2 1/2 spoonfuls)

2 tsp sweet pickle juice

Pepper (to taste)

Optional: diced celery, olives, bacon bits, bell peppers


Boil 8-10 potatoes with peels on them til you can poke them through with a fork and they are soft

Peel and cut into chunks and put into a large bowl

Add mayo, mustard, vinegar, and eggs

Take a potato masher and mash slightly, then stir together

Add sweet pickles and juice and pepper and stir again.

Add your optional ingredients and mix through

Let sit in fridge for 2 hours to chill.  Overnight is best and serve.  Usually I can use this for 2 meals for our family.


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