Celery Root Experiment

I love it when my mom comes to town because she has a green thumb and is teaching me how to garden for this year.  She told me of something she heard about in replanting celery stalks and they regrow into new celery.

We placed the 3 inches or so of the bottom of the celery stalk, that I cut off the bottom of the bunch, into a shallow bowl of warm water and placed it in a sunny window.  We did this 1 day ago and it already is showing new roots and has grown taller.

Today I plan to plant this little piece in my garden.

I will:

  • Fill a small hole (about an inch deep) with water and place the piece in
  • Cover it with an inch of dirt and water it thoroughly
  • Keep it well watered and in a couple more days the new growth will begin to show

I will continue to do this recycling of my celery, which my family loves!!!


2 thoughts on “Celery Root Experiment

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