Meals-On-The-Go Series: Pulled Pork Burgers

As I said last week, the meals-on-the-go series is for the busy family on the go, with no time to prepare dinner.  We are going to be featuring meal options that you can make ahead of time and take with you, so that you do not have to stop off somewhere to eat.

Items needed for Meals-on-the-go Kit:
Small cooler (small enough to fit in your fridge, but large enough to fit your families food)
A reusable bag to store dry goods in
Paper plates or plastic if you want to wash and reuse
Tupperware container with utensils (either plastic or flatware, again depending if you want to wash it)
Water bottle for each family member
Tupperware containers for food items
ice pack for cooler
Moist towelettes or hand sanitizer

Pulled Pork is something that I usually have in the freezer pre-cooked.  I buy it on sale, cook it and defrost it when I need it.

Click here to find my easy crockpot recipe for pulled pork.


Pulled pork (enough for your family) $.83 (for 1 serving)

Hamburger Buns $.12

2 TBS Barbeque Sauce per serving of pork $.02

Corn on the cob $.25 each (on sale at Safeway)

Lettuce or shredded carrot (optional)

Total for 1 serving: $1.22 / Total for family of 4: $4.88


Defrost pulled pork and heat it to desired temp (or can be served cold as well)

Mix in desired amount of Barbeque sauce to moisten the meat

Put desired amount of meat on hamburger bun (with lettuce and shredded carrot, if you so desire)

Serve alongside some fresh corn on the cob

Bon Appetite!


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