The Blue Ball

I mentioned in a previous devotion that my children are both a little fascinated with the toilet, well this story is another of that nature.

One day, while going through our normal routine, my son, Bryce, came down the stairs and told me that the toilet was clogged.  He said, “Mommy, my blue ball got stuck in the toilet.”

I trudged up the stairs with him and saw no blue ball in the toilet, just a lot of water.  As I went to get the plunger, I asked him why he was playing in the toilet.  He told me that he was playing in the water with his blue ball and the toilet sucked it up.  Not quite believing, or understanding that his ball had actually gone down the toilet, I proceeded to plunge until the water began swirling down into the pipes.

Life went on as usual until a few days later, when my daughter told me that the toilet was, again, stopped up.  Not wanting to pay a plumber, yet wanting to solve the problem, I bought a toilet snake and snaked the toilet drain this time. The snake wouldn’t go all the way through, so I had another idea.  It can’t be all that difficult to disassemble the toilet and snake it the other way.  4 hours later I emerged victorious, sweaty and wet , but all the same, I had snaked the drain backwards and it went all the way through.  I put the toilet back together and caulked it in place, thinking that my problems had been solved.

Now, before I go on in the story, I should tell you how toilets work, especially when they are turned upside down and snaked backwards.  Toilets have a small cavity that, if turned over, will collect anything that is stuck in the main drainage line.  So when it is snaked, it will appear as if there is nothing in the drain.  The item will stay hidden in the cavity until turned right-side up.

Okay, back to our story.  Another few days later, when the toilet was clogged again, I removed it, now knowing that there was a blue ball lodged in there.  I bought and installed the new toilet and took the old one out to the backyard , determined to find this ball, and hammered it open.  Triumphantly, out rolled the ball, seemingly innocent in the part that it played in my three day frustration.

Some sins that we have in our lives can be like the blue ball, hiding just out of reach, yet causing devastating results.  Sins like pride, lust, gossip, or envy are just some of these hidden sins.  We don’t always know that they are there, but below the surface they are waiting to clog up our lives and cause destruction in our relationships.

We can take solace in what Hebrews 4:13 says, “ Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight.  Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.”

God knows our sin and only He can help us to uncover and remove it.  We need to confess it to Him and He will help us to stay on the path of righteousness and not to stray from it.  We have a loving God who knows our innermost being and wants to help us in our struggles.

Take some time today to examine your heart and see if there are any hidden areas that you need God to help reveal and remove from your life.


One thought on “The Blue Ball

  1. We don’t think “little” sins can cause much damage. Thank you for giving us the “little” blue ball example…it brings this lie to life! May your cup….not your toilet….overflow!

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