Teriyaki Pineapple Pork Chops

I love it when I am experimenting with dinner and it actually turns out delicious!


Pork Chops (enough for your family, I used 3 since my kids split one) $3.00 (Click here to see how I buy inexpensive pork chops)

3 TBS Yoshida’s Teriyaki sauce (or any brand that you like) $.21

1 can pineapple $.25

1 cup cooked rice $.50

1 bag of Steamfresh corn $1.00

Total Cost of Meal for family of 4 = $4.96


In a shallow dish place the thawed out pork chops and 3 TBS Yoshida Teriyaki sauce and let marinade for 20 min.

You can either barbeque them or broil them in a broiling pan.  It’s hot in California so I tend to BBQ my meat.

Once the meat is cooked through, place a few pieces of pineapple on it and let it cook a little longer, so that the pineapple gets a little cooked too

I cook my rice in my rice cooker while the meat is on the BBQ and the steam fresh corn cooks in a bag in the microwave.

Super simple and super yummy dinner!


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