Safeway Just 4 U

Safeway recently added their Just4U program in the pacific NW. I have been using it for a few weeks now and wanted to let our readers know how awesome this program is. When you register your Safeway club card through the link or at you can load coupons and special offers onto your card. The special offers are great because they are unique deals that are based on what you regularly buy. Since using this program I have gotten deals on produce (especially fruit and berries which we buy a lot of), our favorite crackers and dairy. They also allow you to have one free dozen eggs loaded to your card when you register it. I am really enjoying the personalized deals that I am getting because they are things our family would buy anyway. I think this is a great program and if you have a safeway near you it is definately worth signing up for and giving it a try. New deals are available weekly and they last from one week to three weeks before expiring. I hope you enjoy Safeway Just4U as much as I have!!


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