Meals-On-The-Go Series: Cilantro Chicken Spring Rolls

I got this idea while eating at a Vietnamese take out restaurant.  They had these delicious spring rolls with just rice and a sprig of cilantro in them.  They were so yummy I decided to do a version for my family.  I know that they are good ont-the-go because they were actually at a take out restaurant. 🙂


2 cups rice $.52

1 1/2 cup cooked, shredded chicken (I find that it shreds best when you boil it to cook it) $.53

1/3 cup chicken stock $.03 (click here for my homemade chicken stock recipe)

3 TBS finely chopped cilantro (I used mostly just the leaves) $.10

1/2 package of spring roll sheets $.75

dash of pepper, just for flavor

optional: my husband dipped his in soy sauce to give a little extra flavor

Total for meal which yields around 19 spring rolls = $1.93  (I would recommend serving alongside a nice spinach salad with fruit)


Cook 2 cups of rice in a rice cooker or whatever method you have (I would highly recommend investing in a rice cooker, I picked mine up at the thrift store for $6 and it works great! Rice cookers make the perfect sticky rice.  It has really revolutionized my rice cooking.  I also head over to the local asian market and pick up a bag of rice for around $26 for a 50lb. bag.  This lasts me almost a year.

Cook and shred chicken

Mix together rice, chicken, stock, cilantro, and pepper.  I just did it right in my rice cooker, but you could use a bowl if you don’t have one.

Take one spring roll and fill with about 3 TBS of mixture and fold both sides in and roll.

Repeat process until you have no more mixture.


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