Meals-On-The-Go Series: Turkey Tacos

Now, the great thing about tacos is that everybody has a favorite way of making and eating them.  This can make it a great on the go meal, to just bring the fixings with you that you’ve prepared ahead of time and let everybody make them how they want to.  Or you could pre-make them and wrap them in plastic wrap or foil for easier transport and less items to carry.

Here’s our favorite Turkey Taco recipe.


Soft Taco Shells 10 ct. $1.69

1 lb. ground turkey $2.00

Taco seasoning (I only use a 1/2 packet, or just a small bit from Costco container) $.10

Refried beans (make your own or canned)$.50

Kidney beans (make your own or canned) $.25

3 TBS Shredded cheese $.12

2 leaves shredded lettuce $.07

1 tomato $.26

1 avocado$.88

any of your other favorite toppings

Total for 10 soft tacos = $4.99


Brown ground turkey and add taco seasoning and water until mixed in.

Warm your tortillas and layer ingredients as you like them and wrap them up.  If I have any leftover ingredients we usually use them in a salad the next day.


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