About Beth

Hi, I’m Beth Hawney! I am a stay at home, homeschool mom to two amazing little boys. I love to teach and learn and am constantly working to improve myself and my skills. I am an avid reader and when I have a free moment I am usually stuck in a book. I also love to cook, experiment in the kitchen with new ideas and recipes, do science experiments with my kids and try new things.

Living in the greater Seattle area is amazing. I love nature and all the amazing things we can do locally. However, we do live in an area where everything seems to cost a little more than other parts of the country and I have had to learn to use my imagination and my love of learning new skills to be able to save money on our grocery budget. I have enjoyed learning to make a lot of things from scratch including laundry detergent, applesauce, and bread. I find I can make healthier food for my family for a much lower cost than buying the same item at the store. This year I am hoping to start a home garden so we can have some free fruit and  vegetables.

I am looking forward to sharing my new adventures with all our readers and maybe inspire others to join me.

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